Special events
Personlig udvikling via trancekanalisering v. Ingeborg Hjortsballe
Skab sunde og stærke børn v. Inge Halmø
Trancekanalisering v. Ingeborg
Workshop med personlig udvikling v. Inge Halmø
Trommer-Rasler-Røgelse v. Palle Nielsen
Studie i Martinus åndsvidenskab
Find din indre Gudindekraft v. Helle og Ingeborg
Spirituelle rejser v. Ingeborg Hjortsballe

Find Your Inner Goddess Power

(This course will be taught in English)


Be the Goddess you were meant to be! Are you ready to:

- Accept and value who you are today?

- Stop judging and underestimating yourself and others? 

- Let go of old traumas?


Come to this empowering day with Ingeborg and Helle, two of Denmark’s leading angel experts with many years of experience facilitating similar workshops.   Transform your self-image to enable:

- feelings of peace, lightness and calm

- acceptance of just being

- forgiveness and self-love


You’ll allow your creativity to flourish and you will be able to manifest the life your soul really wants.


There will be group exercises for the Goddesses. We will be playful, also around serious topics. We’ll share a special Goddess meditation to help us connect with our personal Goddess guides and will use crystals and Doterra Drops – all this to share and enjoy our powerful shared femininity and each other’s company.


Place:             Den 6. Sans. Skyttehusgade 34. Vejle.

Time:              Fredag d. 23. august 2024. kl 12-18

Sign-up: ingeborg@den6sans-vejle.dk

Price:             1250,- for full day including special Goddess oil blend created for the day, a yummy lunch, and a purchase credit of 150,- towards crystals to be used at the workshop.

How to pay: Mobile Pay: 30058


Bring a journal and pen if you want to write down thoughts or messages you receive during the day.  Come with an open mind to enjoy the day and the awesome collective energy! Wear clothes that make you feel like a Goddess - scarves and shawls are good ideas to bring.


See you there?


With Goddess greetings and love, 


Ingeborg Hjortsballe

Helle Brisson





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“I am open to the new and changing. Every moment presents a wonderful new opportunity to become more of who I am. I flow with life easily and effortlessly.”  Louise Hay

Fremtidige datoer
Den 23. August 2024 kl. 12-18

D. 25. Jul kl. 15-18
Drop in torsdag
D. 1. Aug kl. 15-18
Drop in torsdag
D. 8. Aug kl. 18-20
Trommerejse - Trommevision v. Palle Nielsen
D. 8. Aug kl. 15-18
Drop in torsdag
D. 14. Aug kl. 18.30-21
Få kontakt med din engel v. Ingeborg Hjortsballe
D. 15. Aug kl. 15-18
Drop in torsdag
D. 18. Aug
Trance-kanaliseringskursus v. Ingeborg Hjortsballe
D. 20. Aug kl. 18.30-21 start på rækken
Personlig udvikling via trancekanalisering v. Ingeborg Hjortsballe
D. 23. Aug kl. 9-17
Dyretelepati - Når dyrene hvisker tilbage v. Manja Vestergaard
D. 23. Aug kl. 12-18
Find din indre Gudindekraft v. Helle og Ingeborg
D. 24. Aug
Clairvoyance & IntuitionsKursus v. Rikke Mors
D. 26. Aug kl. 18.30-21
Studie i Martinus åndsvidenskab
D. 27. Aug og 28. aug.
Kursus i Spirituel Healing 1 v. Rikke Mors
D. 22. Sep kl. 10-17
Human Design v. Kristina Bonde
D. 5. Okt -12. okt.
Find din styrke- Spirituel rejse v. Ingeborg Hjortsballe
D. 26. Okt og 27. okt.
Overbygningen i Clairvoyance & Medieskab
Den 6 Sans: Skyttehusgade 34, 7100 Vejle - Tlf.: 51 600 606 - Email: ingeborg@den6sans-vejle.dk